Friday, April 20, 2012

Landslide Loss

The coming election will be a landslide loss for the Democrat Party and for Obama. Here is why:

1) In the mid-term election the Democrats lost in a landslide. The House of Representatives was lost and inroads were made into the Senate. The reasons for that shift exist today. The main-stream-media never understood what caused it and even today ignore that it even happened. Their first reaction was to not believe it happened and then to downplay that it did. They pushed it back in their minds like Scarlet did in "Gone With The Wind", "I'll think about it tomorrow." Consequently, they never took any action to correct their course. A very few Democrats did and called for dumping Obama for another candidate. They were ignored and shunned.

2) In 2008 the unions were solidly behind Obama, contributed much money, organized to win at the polls, paid demonstrators to support Obama when he gave speeches, bussed people to photo opportunities showing great support for Obama and made commercials showing Obama as the savior of the working class. The country took note with how the union bosses were invited to the White House for consultation and direction, some of them daily. These same bosses were mostly identified as communists who divide America along class lines. The union hierarchy is very liberal but union rank and file run their lives as conservatives. Union members are not a solid block for Obama as the main stream media would have us believe. Union people love their country and are able to see that it has been hurt.

3) The world champion business speculator of all time is Obama. He has sided with the Green movement and has speculated with government money to support many solar and wind companies. Many of whom have lost all the money and gone bankrupt. Green energy, if it is a good thing, will be supported by entrepreneurs who will risk their own money.

4) The world took note how contract law was ignored when General Motors and Chrysler went bankrupt. Bond holders who were in line to receive some of their investment back were pushed aside and the companies were given to the unions. These bond holders are biding their time as to when they will go to court to obtain what is rightfully theirs. They will contribute to the fight against Obama.

5) It is obvious to everyone that thinks deeply about current events that Obama is a racist. He uses his blackness to forward his own support. He uses his Attorney General, Erick Holder, to give coverage to the black race by not charging anyone that is black. He reacts instinctively to support blacks that are charged by the police. He is very good at backing down and quashing criticism when he has made a gaffe. We see it and remember.

6) He desires to spread the wealth just as any good socialist does. He wants "fairness" for all but does not define what that means. He is certainly not fair to wealthy people and, with that power, it is only a matter of time before he is not fair to other groups.

7) Nearly the whole population heard Obama in his speech upon winning the presidency say: "We live in the greatest nation in the world. Now I want you to help me to change it." Recently, he stated: "We have tried Capitalism and it does not work." Educated Americans know that this country became great because of Capitalism and not because a president promised to give them more to make things fairer.

8) Obama is on record as favoring higher gas and energy prices. He is getting his wish and just now he is backing away from what he has said. He has taken every possible means to stifle the oil industry: shutting down drilling in the gulf, denying drilling in ANWAR, denying the extension of a pipeline from Canada, refusing to support off shore drilling, refusing to support oil sands recovery and will not build any new refineries.

9) Obama is an enemy of the coal industry and, through the environmentalists, is bent on closing down those that use coal as their energy source. Emission standards have been geared to raising them so high and the expense of attaining them is so prohibitive that the industry will be strangled. Coal producing states have taken notice.
10) Because the Republicans won so many State representative and senate offices, it is they that were in charge of redistricting in most States. Those in charge tilt the districts in their favor and Republicans have done just that. More districts will go Republican and there may be some coattails for the national election.

11) Patriots took notice of Obama's sloppy manner when the national anthem is played. They perceived that he does not have the same love of country as they do. He admitted that he does not look upon this country as "exceptional" revealing that he does not know what that "exceptional" means. He does not understand that our military is honored by it's understanding citizens. Both Obama's were surprised at how our military treat the country's flag. After all, both of them have admitted to having been at flag desecration events.

12) Obamacare was passed with an unseemly effort by democrats: offering  bribes, lying about what was in the bill, making promises about exemptions for states or districts, urging quick passage before people had time to read it. Representatives and Senators admitted that they had not read it making a mockery of our representative system. Working people and seniors have taken note of what that law means for themselves and their families. While it may yet be stricken down it will be remembered who pushed it.

13) While the main stream media continue to show blacks, and particularly low life blacks, as wholly in support of Obama merely because he is black, there is another view. When I was in Mississippi I met many middle class blacks: managers, accountants, engineers and skilled tradesmen that were quite shrewed on how much power they had in the state. Many are smart enough not to fall for dreams and schemes, they think for themselves. The black vote is not necessarily monolithic, and I understand that many will vote their blackness, but there are black voters that are not fooled.


Yes, the majority of black voters will vote for Obama. Yes, the inner cities will vote for Obama. Yes, those on welfare will vote for Obama. Yes, the union bosses will make every effort to get their members to vote for Obama. Yes, ACORN, or whatever groups their members have migrated to, will work for Obama. Yes, states like California will vote for Obama, Yes, college professors and those they an influence will vote for Obama. Yes, environmentalists will vote for Obama. Yes, the gay pride people will vote for Obama. Yes, Hollywood will do what they can to garner votes for Obama. Yes, the main stream media will promote everything that will enhance Obama's chances and will ignore anything that militates against it. Further, they will actively search for flaws in Obama's opponents and will vigorously participate in the politics of personal destruction.


In spite of the cons above, the election will be a landslide against Obama. The voters from the last election have not disappeared, they have not gone away, they have not forgotten and they have increased.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Afghanistan - Why?

When we first went to Afghanistan it was to defeat the Taliban and the Afghan government. That we did in a relatively short period of time. We stayed to set up a stable government to insure the Taliban would not come back. Then we got caught up with stabilizing the society so a central government would be supported by it's citizens.

It is now quite clear that the goals we set for ourselves, however noble, will not be acomplished. That citizenery is not capable of absorbing the gift of freedom that they have been given. Kharzi, now that he has been helped into place by our troops, no longer wants us there. Our troops are restricted by very tight rules of engagement and with those rules it is only a matter of time until our troops start to undergo some severe damage. Even today we are losing one trooper every day of April.

Time to admit we cannot civilize those people, they do not have a history of the desire to be free. Lets pack up and move on. Lets save the lives of our troops and bring them home.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

How Did They Know?

The people that framed our constitution were all familiar with the government in their states and in the other states around them. They also could see the problems in Europe with their Kings and King ministers. They were very skeptical of any one man having too much power. They were very familiar with the saying: "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

They decided to set up a government with three co-equal branches: legislative, executive and judicial. They did this to ensure we would not be plagued with a person that tried to grasp too much power. Recently we have seen a president that is grasping for more and more power. He has made overtures to warn the supreme court that he wants them to bow to his agenda. I am sure that the supreme court will rebuff his suggestions and remind him they are co-equal and do not take orders from him.

As for the founding fathers that set up our government, how did they know that it would eventually come to this?