Sunday, May 16, 2010

Rich Pigs

A camera shot of the Braves dugout revealed massive litter on the floor. Some places were wet with spilled drink, drink spit out like mouth wash or just plain spitting. Sometimes the camera focuses on a player filling a cheek with tobacco, or snuff into a lip. Later the same person will be shown spitting onto the floor. This is the area where they walk and it also has numerous empty cups, some squeezed some open. Some players pride themselves on the ability to put a handful of pumpkin seeds into their mouths, break the shell, eat the seed meat and spit out the shells onto the floor. When I was a kid, some of my team mates would spit into their gloves, I always found it disgusting. Yet, even after the ball got into their glove, I never examined the ball for any extra moisture, the game had to go on. Also, we used only two balls for the whole game. Today, I saw a catcher raise his mask to spit. Where did he spit? He spit onto the dirt immediately in front of him, and he did it often. At times the ball skips into that same area, yet nobody says anything. When a batter gets a hit and is standing on base he will spit, usually toward the pitcher. Is this a sign of disrespect, or personal superiority? All spitters will spit into an area that is devoid of another player. I have never seen one player hit another with spit, must be an unwritten rule. The other day I witnessed a player that spit without control and it landed on himself. I laughed at that but noticed that he made no effort to wipe it of his shirt, as if to say: "Yep, that is exactly where I wanted it to go." There are players that have made it an art form, two spits one behind the other. Three spits, one behind the other, in rapid succession, caused me admire the mouth athleticism of the player. Of course, he took no bow and just went on with his warm-up in the batters-box. Nest blog: Crotch Grabbing


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