Saturday, January 05, 2013


There is a movie available that explains our present cultural, social, and religious situation and how we are impacted every day. It is not an easy movie as those that habitually watch movies usually expect. It is filled with philosophy, sociology, great movements in history, major thinkers and writers, and individually touches on the major isms of today. It is designed to draw a curtain back from the eyes so that it is possible to see what is indeed happening around us every day.

The movie is not for entertainment, it is not to while away the time, it is not for small minds, it requires a certain intellectualism, a personal maturity, an understanding of where you are in God's view. An understanding of American history helps but is not essential. It is my judgement that many young people will be wasting their time viewing this movie, and that is because the education they have received is inadequate to the task.

The movie "AGENDA", by Curtis Bowers is one and a half hours long, so time has to be set aside in order to watch it in it's entirety. Be prepared to expand your horizons.


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