Friday, March 29, 2013

Republicans, Conservative and Black

The Republican main stream elites have taken a beating in the last two presidential elections. Some are even saying they are rinos although a great businessman like Romney hardly fits that position. It is important for the survival of a prosperous nation that the next election, 2014, not favor democrats. If it does government spending will increase bringing this country closer to anarchy. Because blacks overwhelmingly vote democrat it is here that an important increase in votes for republicans can be gained. To that end, we are seeing many black conservatives entereing the struggle to swing some voters to the republican side.

Adam West, who lost his last congressional election, (perhaps by voter fraud) is coming on strong with a message for inner-city blacks reminding them that the democrat party has taken them for granted and not worked on their problems. Large cities, with a black inner-city center, are nearly all run by black, democrat mayors. Many ex-mayors are in jail for lining their pockets with public cash. West is saying that republicans have a better way

Back in 1983, under Reagan, the republicans started "Empowerment Zones" in black neighborhoods. The idea was to get the black comunity to prosper by helping to get them into the mainstream of the economy. When republicans lost power these zones withered away under democrat neglect. West is ready to bring them back again. (I lost a good secretary who went to work for one of those Empowerment Zones.) The Empowerment Zones were offically ended in 2011, democrats are not really motivated to work with businessmen in those zones.

West is not alone in supporting action on inner-city problems. Other blacks that call for action are: Star Parker, Herman Cain, Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, Michael Steele, Mia Love, Senator Tim Scott of S.C., Larry Elder, Dr. Benjamin Carson, AlfonZo Rachel and Charles Payne. These people serve as exemplars to black individuals in the inner-cities. The democratic weapon of "the politics of personal destruction" is being waged on all of them, some more severe than others.

Many others, who are non-black but serve minority intrests, such as: Michelle Malkin, Bobby Jindal, Marco Rubio and Governor Susana Martinez of N.M.. Help for the black community will only come if the Republicans come back into power. Democrats are satisfied with the status quo.


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