Sunday, November 20, 2011

Staged Accidents

Florida has an epidemic of staged accidents that take advantage of insurance companies lose rules. As a result insurance rates for Florida drivers are increasing alarmingly. It is happening in all large metropolitan areas in the State. Why is this happening?

The desire to get something for nothing seems to be sweeping over this State. Of course, the OWS people are marching also for this same thing - getting something which was not personally earned. Why is this such a pervasive movement now in our society? Every right thinking person knows that it is necessary to earn ones sustenance and works to obtain it. Yet, there appears to be a growing number of people that do not agree with working for their daily bread. Years ago Christian principles were taught and learned so that society had many, many people that were self regulating. What has happened to all those people during these times?

The Tenth Commandment appears to be unknown to a greater percentage of our population. Unknown and unsought as a means of improving our society. Thomas Jefferson, after being president, worried about this condition developing in the people and warned against it.

Our State legislature must now come up with laws that will diminish the amount of staged accidents. The something for nothing crowd is fighting against these changes. Yet, if we cannot control ourselves, the State must come in and do for us what the people used to do honorably.


  • Is the problem that there is a shortage of laws or that existing laws are under enforced? What additional laws are required?

    By Blogger John Beauregard, at 8:12 AM  

  • One part of the problem, and this is not to be construed as defining the whole problem, is the lack of follow through by insurance companies. Instead of contesting a claim they merely give in and settle as that is the least expensive option. If the State had a more severe law about attempted fraud there might be a change of heart about staging an accident. As it is, the increased costs to the insurance companies are merely being solved with larger premimums to the insured.

    By Blogger Marcel, at 4:23 PM  

  • I don't know about Florida but attempted fraud is a crime in California. However it is not universally enforced and when it is the perp gets only a slap on the wrist. Not a deterrent.

    More laws give the impression of being tough on crime but law enforcement is the only deterrent.

    By Blogger John Beauregard, at 6:05 PM  

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