Monday, September 25, 2006

Coulter vrs Shermer

A recent book "Godless" by Ann Coulter was liked so much that I have read it twice. In it she gives the case for Intelligent Design (ID) as opposed to Evolution. She supports teaching ID in schools and deplores that the only thing taught is Evolution. She gives many reasons for Evolution being wrong, but I will only use two here: 1) The gaps in the fossil record 2) The Cambrian Explosion. I decided to read another book "Why Darwin Matters" by Michael Shermer. The jacket states it is the case against ID, and that is what caught my eye. This book gives a logical reason why there is a gap in the fossil record - not all fossils have been found, yet. But, because all fossil have not been found, this is not proof of an intelligent creator. I think he has something there. Also, because the Cambrian Explosion produced so many species in a small amount of geological time, this is not evidence that God was busy at work doing the creating. Further, the time for the Cambrian Explosion, while only a small amount in geological time, really took many of millions of years to accomplish. So now I have read both sides, what is the conclusion? I conclude that I really don't know, both sides are compelling and interesting. I am pleased to have had the benefit of both sides. Shermer stated a few times in his book that both positions can be held, meaning, God may have used evolution as his method of design. Perhaps that is my position, I just haven't fully embraced it yet. Regardless, when it comes to enjoying a book, Ann Coulter is much, much funnier than Shermer.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Coffee Shop

Having coffee with friends at the local McDonald's is a ritual I enjoy. Today, I experienced something that had not happened before. After I had talked with Floyd and Paul for about ten minutes, Floyd got up and bought a newspaper. Upon returning he offered a portion to me, I declined and stated I had not "read" a newspaper for 35 years. He opened the paper, passed the front part to Paul, obtained the colored Automobile Adds and proceded to look them over. We were in silence while the reading went on. I asked myself, "Was our conversation so dull that looking over automobile adds beat out what we would discuss?" I asked Floyd "Do you look over those adds often?" "Oh yes" he replied. "Every day?" I inquired. "Yeah" he said. Hmmmm. "Do you always check these adds when you get a paper?" "Pretty much, I like to see what is available and the prices." All the while he did not take his eyes off the paper continuing the scanning. I asked: "Do those adds change much from day-to-day?" "No, they are pretty much the same all the time." Hmmmm. Floyd, for a living, prepares bodies for the funeral home. He does not converse with anyone while he works. Could this just be his manner as carried over from his work? Paul had not heard a word, so engrossed in the story he was reading. I looked around and at another table were four others I have conversed with before, they were all talking. I longed to be at the other table. I wondered, how did I get hooked up here with these two ignoramouses? I really must be more careful with whom I sit.