Thursday, November 16, 2006


While searching for Jennings Florida State Park, I turned at a small, remote sign that indicated it. After driving about three miles down a decrepit road, with Mobile Homes and run down trucks, I came to the Park entrance. It was not what I had expected, this was out in the hinterlands away from all civilization. I came to a stop at the entrance, the road turned into a rough dirt road. As I sat there wondering if I should go into the forest in front of me, out of the corner of my eye I saw a small dog, a Snaurser (Sp?). Right away I saw another small dog, a Toy Poodle. Both dogs were standing but in bad shape. They looked hungry and were obviously weak. With the car stopped, I sat there astonished that these dogs were out here with no body around. I looked on the other side of the road and saw another small dog, a Manchester. None of the dogs appeared to be interested in one another. They showed no interest in me. Their tails were down and they looked at nothing in particular. I continued to drive into the Park and soon came upon a small clearing. On a bulletin board was a sign that announced that it was Bow Hunting Season. It did not say what the prey was. I was not about to go any further knowing that a hunter with a weapon might mistake my car for game. Or me for that matter. I turned back for the entrance and found the dogs still there. Stopping again, I pondered: Why are these dogs here? Why do they look so bad? Did somebody get tired of them? Was there a family breakup and they were dumped here? They appeared to be, and acted as, inside dogs. They looked hungry but I had no food. They did not look at the car and I had a feeling they were unused to cars. They did not lay down, as I would expect of a tired dog. The nearest place to get some food was perhaps eight miles away. I was not about to get out of the car to entice them into it. What to do? What would you have done?