Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Ruling Class

When de Tocqueville toured the United States about 1840 he was impressed with the manner the citizens took matters into their own hands. He was from an old French family that had been in the Ruling Class for many generations. He himself had been named a judge in a small district in France based wholly on his connections in the ruling class. His family temporarily fell out of favor and he lost the post. He was intimately familiar with how things were accomplished in France. For example: If a bridge needed repair, a letter was written to a minister in the local area and hearings were held. It was then forwarded to a larger district and again hearings were held. It went all the way up to the King's ministers (or Napoleon's ministers) who made the final determination, disbursed the funds, found an engineer, supported a work crew, and had everything inspected. At every level, he reported, there were excess payments to bribe all involved. As he looked at the United States, he was awed by the initiative taken by the citizens. Here, if a bridge needed repair, the local citizens got together in a meeting, decided what to do, went out and did the repairs and completion was achieved without resort to others.

Today, we have a Ruling Class that stops progress at every level of our society. Our judges are used to stop programs that do not comply with the niceties of the environmentalists. Our educators state that only when they issue a degree is a person able to work in a certain field. Our school administrators respond to central control to determine what is to be taught in the schools. Our main stream media determine what events or information the citizens will be allowed to know. Our politicians determine the laws by which we will live, how much we will pay for them, and who will pay.

Our Ruling Class is alive and thriving.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Herman Cain

With Herman Cain running for president it will cause many blacks some extreme conflicts. The Congressional Black Caucus has constantly called republican critics of Obama racists. If Cain wins what will they say if democrats criticize him, will they still say racist? Or will they then say the critics are now ideological. After all, Cain is 100% black unlike Obama who is only 50% black. Further, Cain has slave blood and Obama has none. The race card is often played by Representatives: Clyburn, Lewis, Waters, Jackson Lee and Brown and they will really squirm if there is a black republican president. Can't wait for all the fun.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

They Are Getting Funny

The Democrats have a new video portraying a person wheeling an old lady over a cliff and into the water. I found it funny in that she did not suspect until the end that she was going to her disposal. The look on her face gave her a SNL skit appearance.

There will be more of these skits in the future, more fun coming.

Friday, May 13, 2011

The Tenth Commandment

While growing up I liked everything about living in my neighborhood. While I knew there were people that had more money than I (we) did, it did not occur to me that I wanted to have what they had. In due course I learned the Ten Commandments while going to St. Gabriel's and it was more an exercise in memorization than life changing. There were many Commandments about which I just did not have a concern. The Seventh Commandment gave me pause when I took a toy out of Woolworth's. My Mother asked me where it came from and I told her. She told me to take it back, and I did.

I could recite all the Commandments and was only slightly amazed when I found out the Protestant list was slightly different than the Catholic. To my mind the difference was minuscule. One day I heard Hillary Clinton state to a crowd: "I want to take all those profits from the oil companies and redistribute them to those that are in need." Wow, she had designs on other people's money. How does that square up with the Tenth Ccommandment? This is coveting the goods of other people. Later, Obama had a similar view when he talked with Joe The Plumber. He said he wanted to spread the wealth around because it was good for everybody. There seems to be no concern with property rights, let alone personal moral concerns.

Socialists have always desired to spread the wealth, while the wealthy have sternly resisted. The religious see this for what it is, a violation of God's law. Socialist's make every effort to eliminate religion. The Soviet Union closed all the Churches, they did not want to contend with the conscience of the people. If there is no religion there are no Ten Commandments. The ruling class can then do as they pleased.

The effort for class warfare was advanced by Karl Marx who wanted the people to rise up against those that had more than they did. He was counting on a basic greed instinct in people and we see that effort to put people into different classes even today. The amazing thing is that so many are buying into this line of thinking. So many want something for nothing. One wag put it this way: "We are being split into two groups, those that work and those that do not. What in essence is: you work and I'll eat." And, many are falling into this line of reasoning. They want what the other person has.

This society has been successful in redistribution. We have the richest poor people on the planet, the fattest poor people, the best dressed poor people, the best housed with air conditioning and heat, the most poor with a car, television, phone, cell phone and electronic gadgets, free education, free mass transit, free lawyers, free psychological help, free condoms, free medicaid, free Head-Start and I believe this list can be improved by others.

In spite of all the above there is still much dissatisfaction, anger, angst, rage and lawlessness. Why is that? Why is there not a feeling of gratitude toward those that produce their lifestyles? I believe they are trapped in believing they should be against the other class, just as Karl Marx said. Our ruling class tells them that they are due more of what others have merely because they are human beings with dignity.

The answer may lie in something as simple as preaching the Tenth Commandment.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

A Touching Ceremony

At the end of today's Mass the priest conducted a ceremony for Mother's Day. He asked the mothers to remain seated and for husbands and children to stand. He asked for husbands and children to place their hand on the mothers head. He then read a short prayer about the importance of the mothers role in our society. He praised how mothers give their love and their life for the family. By touching her head it is acknowledged that she is recognized that she is working God' plan and it is appreciated by all in her family. I was by myself and continued sitting. As I watched this ceremony I realized that it was a fitting prayer, well done.