Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Court System

Our little county newspaper, Clay Today, is published weekly. It covers many things that are happening in this county including: Obituaries, Sports, Grand Openings, Awards, Events, etc. There is also a portion devoted to happenings in the Court system. From time to time I have perused what is going on in the courts. It covers: DUI, possession of narcotics, battery, minor theft, larceny, concealed weapon, aggravated assault, drug paraphernalia, resisting arrest, domestic violence, robbery, robbery with a firearm, etc. Each week there are 50 to 70 entries of this sort listed in the paper. The first time I noticed this listing I thought it was for one month. Alas, this is a weekly listing. It is amazing to me that so much of this goes on. The names are included and I have never recognized anybody I know, though I do not make it a point to look every time. Who are these people that cannot control themselves or their life situations? Are these what the French refer to as "Demi Monde?" Can they be church goers or have they ever been in church? What would it take to get these individuals out of the courts? For my part, I have never witnessed any of these crimes. Never had to call a policeman for support or resolution of any problem. Because of my personal experience I would have guessed that these crimes only rarely happen. Yet, the paper has this amazing list each week. If I saw only one crime a week I believe I would live my life differently. Certainly, I would be looking around more and expecting the worse. As it is, I live a very peaceful and unafraid life. If it were not for the Clay Today paper I would not know what dire straights in which some people live.

Friday, April 18, 2008

New Computer

My 1998 Gateway computer has been replaced with a 2008 Hewlett Packard Slimline. The Slimline is a table top and is much smaller than the usual computer. It is about 10" high and 4.25" wide. It is very fast and I am able to open U-Tube sites and play them. The price at Best Buy was only $475 and it came with a new key board and mouse. It had Microsoft Vista loaded on it. The first thing I did was to load AOL 9.0 SE onto it and I had trouble right away. My address book and favorites (including blogs) would not come up. I spent ten days with AOL experts trying to get what I wanted. It was all very frustrating because they had me try many things. Finally, I took it back to Best Buy and told them I had a defective computer. A member of their Geek Squad looked it over and soon discovered that Vista is not compatible with AOL 9.0, it is only compatible with 9.1. He installed 9.1 and everything fell into place. My salesman failed to tell me this. Additional info I got was that a file transfer called a Link (connecting two computers together using USB ports) was not a good thing to do with an old computer like mine. There is an impedance mismatch when old and new are hooked together. He recommended I get a Cruiser and transfer files using it. Today I am back in business.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Liberation Theology

The Rev. Wright CD's, that showed him ranting against America and most things white, were a revelation to me. That this was being said in a Christian Church, with a congregation agreeing, was eye-brow raising. Watching Fox News later, there were two black ministers that declared they were not surprised at any of this and claimed that this could be heard in most black churches in Chicago. They claimed the basis for this was Liberation Theology. Until this was stated I had never heard of Liberation Theology, knew nothing about it. Never saw it mentioned on TV, did not read about it in the papers, did not hear about it on the radio and did not see it in magazines. How could I have missed this in all my years of trying to stay aware of current events? I am aware of Farrakhan but he is Muslim, this was Christian. I opened the web site for that Church and was amazed at how it's people want to be aligned with Africa rather than America. The main thrust was support for all things black and be very suspicious of anything white. No wonder Mischelle Obama has never been proud of her country when she subscribes to the tenets of that Church. Our two races will never get together when one race continues to poison the atmosphere like this. This is as serious as the Palestinians raising their children to hate all Jews. One of the two ministers mentioned above stated that the white race has never done anything for the black race. To which Sean Hannity replied: "Have you ever heard of the Civil War sir?" That comment was ignored and then grievances were recited to support hatred of the whites. In all the Christian churches I have visited I have never heard any comments against blacks. They only preach about Christ's love for all mankind and that we should emulate his actions. Can those black churches truly be called Christian? What is Liberation Theology anyway?