Sunday, October 28, 2012

Republicans in a Landslide

There are ten days left before the election and I still predict the Republicans will win in a landslide of epic proportions. Here are some of the changes that have been made since my last prediction on October 7th.

While blacks voted overwhelmingly for Obama in 2008 some black churches are now preaching against Obama because of his support of gay marriage, his perceived lack of help for the black community, his support of illegal aliens who take some work away from black workers, and God being left out of the Democrat platform. Some black voters who supported him before will not vote for Obama.

While most Jews are liberal and vote Democrat, Obama's support of Muslim countries around Israel, his intervention in building on conquered land, his affront to Netenyahu, his White House parties honoring  Islam and his refusal of seeing Hammas and Hezbollah as mortal enemies of Israel. These are tearing away some Jewish votes away from the Democrats.

Christians took note that the Democrats did not want God in their platform and placed it there reluctanly. Obama's support of the gay community which, in turn, gave him huge financial support placed some distance between Christians and his party. The Pro-Life people, who are a majority in this country, took note of Obama's stance on abortion.

The size of crowds that Obama once gathered are now down significantly, he is unable to inspire as well as he did in 2008. Those that do come out to see him are no where near as enthusiastic as they once were. When Obama speaks to them they recognize that they have heard it all before in 2008.

The crowds that come out for Romney are larger and more lively. The choice of Ryan as V.P. has removed the Democrats derision of Palin which did peal off some Republican voters from their ticket. The debates showed that Romney is not the personification of evil that the Democrats portray in their ads. He came out as a likable, family man, with a love of his Country and a person with a good history of getting things done.

The Catholic Church is now in fighting mode and has made it clear that a Catholic voter must take his conscience in consideration when picking a candidate. They make it clear that pro-life is the Catholic choice and Catholics must inform themselves which candidate are supportive of pro-life. They must also determine which candidate supports marriage defined as between one man and one woman. Pamphlets are given to each person after Mass reminding the reader that he must discern which candidate  supports the Church's position. They do not say for whom to vote but that they must vote with their conscience.

Once more, Republicans in a landslide.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Feces Study-Two

"Dear Lord: I know you have the power to grant prayers, I know you look with favor on your followers, Lord I don't pray for wealth, Lord I don't pray for power, Lord I don't pray for the respect of my contemporaries,  Lord I don't pray for a larger house or better car, Lord please, please, please let me have a soft bowel movement. Amen"

This is "Feces Study-Two" and, to understand this post, it helps to have read the first study. FS-T was intended to be included in the first study but I overlooked it, I do not know how. If you have not read the first study merely scroll down one more study and read that first one.

A sphincter is a round muscle that is normally flexed and tightly shut, think of a closed fist. This muscle must relax to allow feces to pass through. Above this muscle is a small bundle of blood vessels that normally supply blood to the sphincter. Through forcing this bundle can become larger and extreme forcing will push a portion of the bundle to pass through the sphincter. If it remains on the "outside" it can become painful as the sphincter squeezes shut. When this happens there is a tendency to walk with the legs slightly apart to diminish the pain. Sitting on a pillow also diminishes this pain.

Now, this is most important: many people learn to push the small bundle back through the sphincter and the pain is completely relieved. The world becomes a happy place again, all activities are resumed, life is worth living. Unfortunately, this euphoric existence may come to an end with the next bowel movement. It is for this reason that care about what one eats and drinks becomes important. A soft pliable feces can mean all the difference on whether the bundle stays on the inside or the outside. (The bundle is called a hemorrhoid and can be small or large.) A technique for pushing the bundle back is worked out by the sufferer. This may involve a dry push or even a lubricant to place the bundle on the inside.

While travelling a person may be cut off from their usual methods of pain relief. Sitting in the seat of a plane for a long time is an example. More than once I have seen, in the men's room, a person pumping soap onto a paper towel prior to entering a booth. His method is to use a lubricant to push the bundle back into place. There is a lot of "Preperation H" sold in this country.

Eventually, there comes a time when something must be done and here medical science has come up with the answer. That bundle can be removed surgically and the system will return to it's normal function. I have had that surgery and can attest that the world does return to be a beautiful place without pain. Anybody can have this surgery, no hospital will refuse to treat such a sufferer with or without insurance.

I cannot recommend "Citrucel" too highly for those that need a pliable stool. When using it, the "clean up" becomes very easy for what is sometimes a messy task.

Monday, October 15, 2012


My teachers, the Dominican Sisters of St. Gabriel's Elementary, are now all dead. They had dedicated their lives to teach Christianity to children and I was fortunate to be one of them. They taught about duty to God, to the Church and to the Nation. A part of duty to the Nation is to be a good citizen, i.e., take part in the activities of city, state, and nation. Others had supplied this abundant nation and all should take part to preserve it.

My high school history teacher, Mr. Chenoweth, furthered this duty by citing how important it was to vote. We had mock debates and elections during the Roosevelt and Dewey election period. I was shocked to fnd that there were people that actually wanted Dewey.

It bothered me not at all to serve my country in the Navy. It was the decent thing to do. And, when Korea happened and I was recalled to duty, I went willingly because my country needed me.

While working at Ford there was offered, on our own time, a class on politics and about twenty people attended. Four of us were republicans and the others were UAW members, all democrats. We learned about the theory of "Saints and Sinners", how to run a checkoff, the ins and outs of Michigan politics, insuring the maximum turnout for your side, and what it takes to win. This was impetus for Tom to run for the U.S. House of Representatives and he got Clarence to be his campaign manager. I was a distant advisor (I had classes at Wayne State to attend) and did what I could. The district Tom was in was heavily Democratic (Inkster was in the district) and he and Clarence did their best but they lost. Looking back on it all, it was best that Tom did lose, we, later in life, found his character to be deficient.

I ran for precinct delegate in Redford Township and tied. The tie was broken by drawing straws and I lost. During that election I was a poll watcher and oversaw four machines in the precinct. I became head of the Civic Association in our neighborhood and advocated for sidewalks on West Chicago. One person complained to me that the lounge on the corner of Joy Road and Hazelton was a brothel and should be closed. Nobody else ever complained and it stayed open even after we left.

While the kids were growing up in Florida, I became president of the area Civic Association and our main goal was to keep the area as a family community. We fought commercial development, high rises, and section eight housing. More than once our kids were used to deliver fliers to all houses in the neighborhood. This association eventually disbanded for lack of participation. No major issues had come up for a couple of years and the Association was no longer needed.

While living in Canton Township I became president of the civic association for "Royal Holiday Mobil Home Court". This was a seniors park and the old folks wanted equity for the rent that they paid. In their minds they were always getting screwed. We had meetings once a month and they always had lengthy complaints about conditions in the park. One night I had enough. I explained to them that the owner was a businessman and he wanted his park preserved and looking good. This park was one of the better managed in Michigan and had a handsome appearance, otherwise they would not have moved there. If better lighting was wanted, more snow removal desired, better security or anything else, someone had to pay. If they insisted on these things, and the owner paid, the rent would go up. From then on all the carping, sniping and nit picking stopped and we had peace in the neighborhood. I moved away for seven years and upon returning, once more, was elected to be president of that park.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Feces Study

The other day we were taking care of Penny, our new great granddaughter, and as nature would have it she needed a diaper change. I knew she needed a change because, just after Pat handed her to me, a strange, muffled, low sound emanated from her diaper. Her face took on a concentrating  look accompanied by a dark pink glow. Right after that she gave me a wide smile as if to say: "Aren't I sweet?" The diaper change revealed a green, pasty material that stuck to the diaper, and not much smell. She is still exclusively on milk and smell will come later after solids are added to her diet.

Modern engineering has made diaper changing almost a civilized activity. There are tabs on the diaper that make it fold into a nice tidy bundle. Some people do not wrap presents that well. In ancient times (yes I lived in those times) we cleaned, washed and reused diapers. When feces stuck to a diaper it still had to be removed from that diaper. A successful cleaning was one that yielded an empty diaper with one, quick unfurling and the entire feces would be deposited into the toilet. If it stuck at all in the diaper it was then necessary to dunk the diaper into the toilet and "rinse" the diaper until the feces was sufficiently cleaned off of it. I will tell you this, my fingernail biting was cured during this portion of my life.

When I was about ten, a friend told me about his experience in a lake. He said that he was swimming with his cousin, about waist deep in the water, and they both decided to take a dump in the lake. He related to me in an astonished manner that his floated and his buddy's sank. It is strange how we come about the study of nature. Especially to impressionable, young boys.

Using a toilet all my life (until I was about eleven) a further nature study opened to me when I first used an outhouse. Outhouses are notoriously bisexual and there are different hole sizes to accommodate different size bums. Looking down into the hole revealed an astonishing variety of colors, diameters, lengths and textures all in a pyramid pile. There are probably some people today that only know the color brown, but, one look into the outhouse hole and the variety of available colors to humans is greatly expanded. Smell is always present.

In my young working years there were many topics that my coworkers and I covered as we worked. One day the topic was: "What is a perfect turd?" It was eventually determined that twice around the bowl was a perfect turd. It was at this stage in my life that I began to turn around to see. Up to then, it was just do your business and leave. Now that a yardstick was available it was necessary to see how close I came to being perfect. We young guys are such competitors.

Towards middle age some red blood may be noticed as a small hemorrhoid is cut in normal forcing. For many people this is a great mystery sometimes engrossed in fear. Our modern science takes this is stride and will set you back to normality with no trouble. Without this corrective surgery, in ancient times, it must have been a nightmare to live through. No wonder people died younger, they did not want to see that blood all the time.

A word on the physiology of the bowel movement. The descending colon and the cesium have a larger diameter than the aperture of the anus. What this means is that the feces must squeeze through that smaller opening. The actual sequence is: the feces descends toward the anus, it is squeezed smaller going through, and once through, it expands larger than the anus through which it has passed. It is important that the feces be soft so that it can be squeezed, hence stool softeners taken by older people.

A word about toilet paper and it's use. Some of my grandchildren used to pull toilet paper off the roll, ball it up and wipe. Their Mother would tell them to only use two sheets to wipe. When they told her they get poop on their hands doing it that way, her answer was: 'If you get poop on your hands, wash your hands that is why there is soap and water in the bathroom." I am aware that for some people it is difficult to wipe clean because of consistency, texture or whatever. For them, I recommend Citrucel which is taken in a glass of water every day. Citrucel will bulk up the feces, make it pliable so that it will pass through the anus easily. This ease of passage means that wiping clean is easier and more complete.

One more piece of information about the physiology of the anus. The muscle around the anus is circular and is called a sphincter. To the casual observer there is only one sphincter but in reality there are two. One sphincter is for solids and the other is for gas. The gas sphincter is on top of the solid sphincter and it opens when gas is to be expelled. Nearly all humans have experienced watery stools and it is here that the fun begins. Sometimes there is a feeling that a little gas must be expelled, a slight release of the gas sphincter is attempted and because of the watery nature there is a brownish or greenish fluid released.  Embarrassment, confounding and discomfort attend this event. Wetness is abhorred by all and an attempt is made to get clean at once. I have more than once deposited my soiled underwear in the trash of a public restroom. Bon appetit!

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Romney in a Landslide

Not only will Romney win in a landslide, Republicans will sweep many tickets and usher in new legislators in most states. The Senate will be Republican and Harry Reid will lose his leadership position. In April of this year I predicted that the Democrats would lose in a landslide, see my posts from April. All the reasons I put into that piece are still in place. In fact, there are more events that have solidified my prediction:

1. Fast and Furious is shown as a scandal against not only Holder but also Obama.

2. The fiasco in Libya and non-support by Hilary Clinton.

3. The slide of Egypt toward Islamic fanaticism.

4. More people are seeing the movie "2116" and learning about Obama.

5. There is more evidence of Obama's personal history that is available.

6. Many black politicians are speaking out against Obama.

7. Obama's use of Executive Orders and his propensity to rule like a tyrant.

Yes, no doubt about it, a landslide against Obama.