Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Who Are They?

The underwear bomber was trained in Yemen, went to school with thirty others, presumably all were taught the same things. He failed to detonate and that must give him a failing mark in the school that he attended. Where did he stand in that class? Did he graduate at the bottom and all the others are smarter or more adept? Exactly what did he learn? What were the class materials, were there dry runs? What were the names of his classmates? Is there an overall plan for when they will be sent out to destroy airplanes? The administration is looking into what went wrong. Why his name was not on a no-fly list. Things that are indeed important to improve our system. The most important thing that could be done is not going to happen, and that is to interrogate him. If he were in Guantanamo he would be questioned, albeit water-boarding would not be used. He now has lawyers that advise not to say anything. Therefore, all his classmates remain anonymous and we await the next shoe to drop and perhaps that next person will be more successful. Yes, people may die on the next plane that is hit. Is this the best system that we can devise to protect the American public?

Monday, December 21, 2009

From Tea Party to GOOOH

Yes, I have been to a Tea Party and agree with it's goal of telling our congress people to stop the spending. It appears that they have lost all restraint when it comes to spending, that there is an unending supply for them to tap. After an outrage of spending they turn to an even larger outrage program. Their thinking is impaired, it is devoid of common sense. Another movement is afoot, GOOOH, which stands for: Get Out Of My House. This movement has the aim to remove everyone in the congress, everyone. Even your representatives, people that you like very much, are to be removed. Only then can the swine flu like infection be eradicated. This means 435 people have to go, so be it.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ode To Marcel

One of my students wrote a poem for my birthday. The music begins with a thumping beat Right foot, left foot, so many feet. Marcel, the man, is so inspiring, He keeps on moving, never tiring. Oh no, he says, do not be jumping. Smiling, joking, singing old songs, He praises our rights, never our wrongs. No blood, no tears, just plenty of sweat, Thanks Marcel for the best class yet! Cheryl Field

Monday, December 07, 2009

Day of Infamy

I was almost 12 years old when I heard President Roosevelt speak the words: "December seventh is a day that will live in Infamy." When I heard those words I knew they were true because of the story that had been broadcast on the radio about the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. Everyone was outraged about the duplicity of the Japanese, after all, their ambassador was in Washington to talk about peace. The day of the attack he was found burning papers in the backyard of his home. There was not a day that went by that did not have talk about how we hated the Japs and our duty to get back at them. There were guys in our neighborhood that said they were going to enlist right after the holidays, and they did. Today, the day that will live in Infamy is mostly forgotten. The hatred for the Japanese is gone. That history may not be taught in our schools in the near future. Some schools have already dropped it preferring to cover more recent events. That day radically changed many lives, not only those who went into the armed forces, but every citizen had their normal habits affected. This Country turned upside down in it's rage at the enemy. Young people today will never know the resolve the American people had to defeat our enemies. Our thoughts were to KILL the enemy. Today, if people say outright what was said in those days, they would be turned in for an anger management class. We have become a nation of very nice and forgiving people, and that is not bad. We get along pretty well with everybody, even giving our precious rights to our enemies. We have turned our backs on violence and retribution toward the enemy and now seek to understand what has made them attack us so that we may change for them. President Roosevelt was wrong , December 7 will not live in Infamy.

Friday, December 04, 2009


When the "Tea Parties" began the liberals immediately began to say they were fearful of violence coming from the demonstraters, yet, there was no evidence of violence anywhere. The left is very concerned about violence coming from the right. There is indeed violence in our society and it is being done on our police by the black community. It has support in the songs, rap and gangs in modern black culture. Every year many of our police are gunned down, and recently four more were shot by a felon on parole. There are many blacks that have mega-anger for the police. The left seems unconcerned with this reality.