Thursday, January 31, 2008

Miscellaneous Reading

Having been made aware that Jesus often read from the book of Isaiah, my curiousity was stimulated. Why did he do that? What was the fascination for him in that book? What does it hold that brought him back to it? In all, there are only fifty-five pages. I decided to read it in it's entirety. The book starts out slow and after a few pages I am hoping it picks up. It gets slower for the next ten pages and I suspect I am wasting my time. But, I am determined to get through it. Another ten pages and still there is no recompense for the boredom. The writing is really bad and I suspect that it reads better in the Hebrew. It does cover the Babalonion exile and the ultimate release from it by Cyrus, King of Persia. I found it curious that the writer called Cyrus "a friend of god" since he had been instrumental in releasing the Hebrews. In other words, Cyrus was not a member of the chosen people, yet he was "a friend of God." I finally got through the whole book and I admit it was a chore. What did Jesus see in this book? Of course, he saw the prediction of John the Baptist and the one who was to follow him, the son of man. These he took to refer to himself and that his life was fulfilling the prophesy of Isaiah. Nevertheless, it is an extremely dull book and I do not believe I will do that again in my lifetime.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


While a number of the Republican candidates are campaigning here in Florida they are wasting their time with me. I have already voted, and it was for Mitt Romney. Today I recieved a phone call to inform me that McCain was going to be in Jacksonvile and I was invited to see him. The call was a recorded message by Jack Kemp. I hung up before the call was complete. If Mitt would support the Fair Tax I would actively campaign for him, but he has not. Getting rid of the Income Tax would unleash tredemous growth in this country and I am for that. I support Mitt but will not send any money for his campaign.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Third Thoughts

The Florida primary is fast approaching (Jan 29) and I have to make up my mind. I have narrowed to two: Thompson and Mitt. Thompson is the more conservative of the two, yet he voted for the McCain-Finegold act. Mitt has jumped around a bit on his policies but I am impressed with his executive abilities and actually bringing taxes down in Massachusetts. His win over McCain in South Carolina is eye-opening. Also, he already has a strong campaign staff while Thompson in weak in this area. Alright, I chose Mitt as the best I can do at this time.