Saturday, May 31, 2008

Rotator Cuff

My left shoulder is still affected by a rotator cuff injury I had in 1987. At that time, I had therapy that did not do much good. Recently, I saw an orthopedist who took X-rays and declared I have an arthritic nodule about .5 inches long and my shoulder socket is full of arthritis. He suggested that I live with it and if it gets worse I may need a shoulder replacement. He could tell I was not satisfied with his declaration and added; "Of course, you can see someone else for a second opinion, and, I can recommend you to a young surgeon that is doing wonders with arthroscopic surgery." Now that was what I wanted to hear. Someone on the technological edge to see what he could do. There have been great advances in shoulder surgery during the last twenty years and maybe I can be helped. My shoulder restrictions are: shorter range of motion in some directions, pain when attempting some movements, less strength on the left side, inability to swim as I once did, sleep discomfort if I sleep on my left side and pain if I inadvertently sleep directly on my left shoulder. When teaching my classes I must be careful not to attempt some movements. This limits the advances that some students can make because they are emulating the movements that I make. Of course, most of my students do have some limitations of their own and they are instructed to only do what they can. So, for me, I am not concerned when a student stops doing an exercise we are all doing. Still, I would like to teach all movements that will benefit them. I have not yet contacted the new surgeon.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Liberation Theology Revisited

My, my, what a difference - the web sites I visited only about a month ago have changed. I was discussing Black Liberation Theology with a person at McDonald's and he requested the sites from which I got my information. I got those sites and opened them and they are now very different than they were. They are: Wikpedia, Black Liberation Theology and http://www. The Trinity United Church of Christ has removed much that I remembered and instead it is replaced with something that could be from any other church. Nothing about the supremacy of the black race, nothing about only caring for black people, nothing about being enslaved by the white people from the start of this Nation to today. Why did they change everything? Did their new pastor do the changing? Very fascinating. The Wikpedia site has also changed. It is now loaded with philosophical history about Liberation Theology, listing many philosophers and their books. Nevertheless, it does mention Wright and Cone but it is now a watered down version, still startling to someone who remembers this is supposed to be Christian. I regret that I did not print out the versions that I saw before.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


The entrance to our subdivision, Magnolia Point, is lined with Magnolia trees. This tree is a magnificent spectacle with it's large, tennis ball size blossom, and, when fully open, a flower that is, large, white and fragrant. It's center is yellow and sets off nicely against the white flower. The trees are now in full bloom and the effect is most pleasing. The white flower shows up against large leaves that are deep green with a satin, polished, shiny finish. Right now this is the spectacle that we see. If you buy an imitation Magnolia tree it will have exactly what I have just described. There is a down side to having a Magnolia tree. The underside of the leaf is a copper, brown color and, when seen, gives the impression that it is dead and about to fall. This is a very large tree and looking up will reveal the underside of the leaves near the top of the tree. The visual effect near the top is not as pleasing as the bottom. At times the bottom leaves are turned by the wind and, again, the effect is not as pleasing. As the days go by, the wind effect will cause the leaves to turn and more of the tree yields to a less pleasing appearance. Because the wind turns the leaves, the leaf is damaged and it will shortly fall to the ground. This causes an unsightly appearance under the tree and this trash on the ground makes it difficult to grow grass under the tree. (The same barren ground is seen under Banyan and Royal Poinciana trees.) When new-comers to Florida buy into this area they fall in love with the Magnolia entrance and insist on having at least one Magnolia tree on their property. Consequently, we have many Magnolias in this subdivision. Few homeowners are pleased with their tree once they experience the difficulty in maintaining a picturesque lawn. We have no Magnolia trees on our property and prefer to enjoy the sight of them at the entrance to this subdivision. In this way we have the southern charm and beauty and none of the maintenance. I like that.