Friday, August 26, 2011

The Roundup

About twelve months ago Green Cove Springs experienced a Roundup. It was done on Vermont Street near the black area. White buses came and took away 172 illegal aliens. This has made a difference in this small city. We see very few Hispanics at McDonald's, or in the neighborhoods.

Tom, who works near Vermont Street, told me about this event: Shortly before the Roundup, he had been approached by a large Mexican who threatened him with "kicking his ass". Tom claims he was merely doing some welding, looked up and there he was yelling at him. Tom yelled back and said he would get a hammer in the head if he came closer. Tom was using this hammer to remove flux from the welded area. This hammer has a sharp edge for chipping the flux. Once re-challenged, the Mexican went away.

I asked Tom if he called the police and he said no. As far as he was concerned that confrontation was over. It was a few days later when the Roundup happened. Tom himself did not witness the Roundup, he was told about it by people who live nearby and counted those who boarded the buses.

Now that the Eric Holder has announced that only criminal illegal aliens will be sent back, will the white buses stop rolling?

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Work Ethic

Because of recently observing the anti-work ethic a few times this past month, I have decided to write about a work ethic. When we had children in the house, I cannot remember one time when I came home from work and Pat was lying down resting. As I look back into my memory I don't even remember when she was sitting down and doing nothing. Dinner was usually in the making when I came home. When dinner was ready, she served it. When dinner was over she participated with the girls in cleaning up and putting things away.

Morning for her always started early with making lunches for the kids before they got up. Then she started with making breakfast for the kids, sometimes for me also. After everybody left she cleaned up and put everything in an orderly place. She did all the shopping for the family, deciding what the meals would be. I cannot remember her asking me what she should make for dinner, it was always her decision. She brought it home, cooked it, served it and saved left-overs, if any.

Clothing was always her responsibility. She always had the proper clothing for the kids. She determined what they needed, what sizes, what color, what style. How did she know? She just knew because I was never in on those decisions. As a matter of fact, she also determined what I needed and bought clothes for me at Christmas or my birthday. Only recently have I purchased my own underwear. She did the wash, nearly every day, and ironed what needed ironing, hanging it up in the closets for when they were needed. Clothes always went back into dresser drawers.

She vacuumed and cleaned the house, passing this chore over to the older kids as they were able to handle it. Many times, after they were able to handle it, she still was required to do some of it. If the walls needed painting, she chose the colors, brushes, rollers and did the painting. (There were times when I helped in the painting, but it was rare.) She decorated the house to make it look nice. If there was something that did not get put away, she got to it and put it where it belonged.

It was Pat that always registered the kids for school, got their supplies, and drove them to special school events. She ran Cub Scouts and Brownies when other mothers would not, or could not, do it. She was not discouraging in anything she did. If something had to be done she did it. She has a work ethic that can be matched by very few people.

Lately, when I have a task to do, she is impatient with me because I want to think it over. I want to look into it, study it, muse about what is best to do before making a decision. She on the other hand, if it was her decision, would already have the task done.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

lingerie Football

There are a series of photos on AOL that show some of the players that play Lingerie Football. Apparently this is tackle football and those costumes, or uniforms, are  skimpy. Everybody wears shoulder pads, helmet and spike-shoes. The ladies shown in the photos are all well built, muscled and well endowed. It is difficult to believe that the tops or even the bottoms can stay on during the scrimmages.
All that being said, I can't wait too actually see one of the games. The take-downs must be spectacular. And, what happens when the inevitable occurs, a bare chested girl or a depantsed girl. Does play stop or does it continue to the end of the play?

I am looking forward to it.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

American Jewish Loyalty

American Jews overwhelmingly voted for Obama because they are basically liberals and vote for the Democrat Party. Recently we have seen Obama deride the Jewish State of Israel, embarrass it's leader Netenyahu, support Hammas and  Hezbollah, insist on the removal of Jewish settlers in East Jerusalem and call for a return to borders back in 1948. For all this against the Jews, American Jews still overwhelmingly support Obama. Why?

When Israel was being created American Jews were split between Zionists, who supported a Jewish homeland, and those that were disinterested. The Zionists gave time and treasure to support the new state of Israel, the others while not giving active support, were indifferent and at least did not oppose the new State. In essence, many Jews are not too committed to Israel. (If you know your Bible you will recall that the Israelites many times fell out of God's favor because they did not follow His Commandments.) They are enthralled with easy living in this Country. They are back to the worship of the Golden Calf.

American Jews are imbedded in the intellectual establishment of the East coast universities and colleges. They are also imbedded into the Ruling Class as liberals. Their liberalism comes first in their lives. Who supports Israel? It is left to the Christian American right to support the only true democracy in the Middle East. Why do they do this?

1. Because Christians recognize that this Country was founded on the Mosiac Law.
2. Through Harry Truman, Americans helped to create the state of Israel.
3. Israel is our friend and supports us in the U.N.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

England Riots

The England riots have been going on for a few days and they seem to be getting worse. Recently, a man died by gunshot while he was in his car. Some are asking if it can happen here. Of course it can happen here. The loony left is ripe for rioting and many can't wait for it to happen here. When it starts here it will be different than London.

Think back to the L.A. riots some years back. The Koreans and the Vietnamesese defended their property with GUNS. This Nation is an armed Nation and when rioters stop destroying their own neighborhoods and turn to other neighborhoods they know they will be met with bullets. This stops any such nonsense as what we see in England

We are different than other countries, we have a Constitution that says we have gun rights. London does not have this right and counts on the police to control rioters. The same can be said for the "Arab Spring" and those protesters. The protesters do not have guns, merely their bare bodies.

I predict, if riots start in this country more people will carry their guns in their cars. Nothing stops a rioter like knowing he could be shot by the next innocent person he attempts to molest. And that, boys and girls, is why the second amendment is so important.

Saturday, August 06, 2011

A Wet Nose

Cheryl recently mentioned that her dog, Magnum, gets close to her face and leaves a wet imprint on her cheek. Strange to say, but that has been happening to Pat whenever I kiss her. A kiss will leave a small amount of fluid on her cheek, which I see her wipe off with the back of her hand. Curiously, she does not complain, even smiles at the awkward exchange. It has gotten to the stage that I will wipe my nose before I kiss her, though I will sometimes forget.

My nose leaks when I am eating and I am forced to wipe my nose often while eating. When served food in a restaurant, seeing and smelling the delicious food, my mouth starts to water. There have been times, when my mouth is slightly open, a small squirt of saliva will fall on my food. (I now produce saliva like a baseball player.) This was not always the case, it has happened in the recent past.

Also, my eyes water much more than they ever did. When I laugh there are always tears, when I hear moving music there are tears, of course, when something is sad there are tears. Yes, I have contemplated carrying some Kleenex in my pocket but it is so easy to wipe on a sleeve.

A recent cold revealed copious amounts of fluid flowing, something that was unusual for me. I was amazed at how much could be brought up with one blowing. In the past, this did not happen. Obviously, something has happened to the chemistry in my head. As I look back, I believe it can be traced to the time I took one trial pill ---- a Cialis.