Monday, September 29, 2008

Bush Ineffective

It is not enough to have done only two good things while in office. Bush is an inspired, realistic fighter against Islamic Terrorism, and he introduced tax cuts that grew our economy. After that he has not one great thing to his credit. More money has been spent by his administration than any other previous. He expanded the Department of Education and let Ted Kennedy write the Education Bill. He allowed Minnetta to keep our airports in turmoil by not allowing profiling. He allowed all airport baggage handlers and screeners to become unionized government workers. We now have the largest government we have ever had. Our southern boarder is not sealed as the public wants; further, he is involved in the conviction of two boarder guards that were merely doing their duty. When Clinton was in office his Attorney General was Janet Reno, she had her hand in everything and was constantly investigating every attack against the Democrats. People were afraid of her, especially after Waco. What does Bush's Attorney General do, nothing. Today, Bush urged Republicans to pass legislation that would save Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. This legislation papers over all the slush funds the Democrats have garnered from these two organizations. It excuses the politicians that were involved in the extreme relaxation of sound lending practices in order to give loans to unqualified people. Ther are some other things but I am too lazy to look them up. He can't leave office soon enough. I doubt McCain will do any better.

Friday, September 26, 2008


My first awareness of Southpark was at Lori's and Bernie's place in North Carolina. Lori said that Bernie always watched it. I glanced at the TV from time-to-time and could not understand a word they were uttering. I was surprised when one of the characters got shot. When I mentioned this to Bernie he stated that Kenny gets killed in every episode. Every night we were there Bernie watched, I could not understand a word of it. This past year I have taken to turning the TV on when I go to bed. Our Comedy Channel has Southpark at 9:30 and I watched some episodes. While I still have trouble understanding every word, I am able to get the drift of the skits. The character, Cartman, is a unique study. I am taken with his crafty, scheming, lying, reality denying personality. The writers have added genius into his role. I have watched enough to understand the personalities of all the main characters and marvel at the range of the topics the writers cover. This show is not for those that do not want to hear obscenities, are squeamish, easily shocked or deeply mired in a restrictive culture of their own making. It is all a distraction from the seriousness of our everyday world with a lot of laughs thrown in. I can even go to sleep while watching.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Breast Cancer

There are three people in my class that have had breast cancer that have recovered and are doing well. Pat's sister just had a breast removed and is doing well. This morning I was talking to my friend Charlie and he said his wife, Jackie, is getting better. Has there been a medical turning point on breast cancer so that it is not the big problem it used to be? Pat recently told me that the breast cancer Colleen had is now treatable. I hope this advance in the medical field is true and they improve even more. I recently read up on lymph nodes so I could understand the effects of exercising in my classes. Until then, I had no idea what the spleen did. (It has lymph nodes.) My major finding was the fact that lymph vessels do not have smooth muscle around them. They are not independently equipped to move fluid around. The manner that fluid moves is through the movement of muscles. In my class we do many arm movements where many lymph nodes are located. Exercise has the ability to move lymph from 5 to 15 times greater than normal. I hope I am on to something and can add additional safety for those who attend my classes.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Rush Limbaugh - 20 Years

Twenty years have passed since Rush has come onto the scene. I recall first hearing about him in 1988 when I was in Mishawaka, IN, we were in a restaurant in which he had eaten the day before. The waitresses were still talking about him. I heard him on the radio about a month later and was not impressed enough to attempt to listen again. Besides, I was working twelve hour days, six days a week, how much free time did I have? Nevertheless, from time-to-time I did catch his program, albeit only for a few minutes at a time. I slowly came to realize this was no ordinary talker. He was very knowledgeable, creative, had funny satirical songs made for him, (One that comes to mind now is "The Justice Brothers" about Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton) knew exactly what the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence said, railed against Government waste, had a phenomonal memory, disliked Liberals with a passion, and most of all was able to predict what the news would be a week in advance. When I mentioned his name to Paulette, she would immediately show revulsion and tell me she could not see anything good about the man. She called him egotistical, a blow hard. She particularly disliked his saying that he had "talent on loan from God." Or that he was right 99.6% of the time. She was mystified as to how I could find anything good in listening to him. For me, I would just smile and nod, I knew no matter what I would say she would not change her mind. This disagreement had no effect on our mutual admiration of each other. Now that I am retired my listening time has increased. I have even bought a small radio with ear pieces so that I can listen while shopping. There are times when he makes such a good point that I will laugh out loud, which happened to me the other day while in Wallmart. There were two ladies nearby and I had to apologize to them in case they might think I was laughing at them. Some people think he is a Republican but those who listen regularly know that is not so. He is critical of Republicans when they misbehave or are not conservative enough. He is a conservative first and desires this Country to remain great and be true to it's promise of freedom for all. Since the liberal agenda is to pinch our freedoms (in favor of big government), to reward people who make bad choices, to support public screwls (his pronunciation) as opposed to allowing the freedom of vouchers, increase taxes, etc, most of his criticisms are toward liberals. And he does it in a humorous manner. In case you have never heard him (I know you have heard about him) I highly recommend his radio program, providing you have the time to listen. Remember, work comes first.