Friday, November 27, 2009

The Hoax

For a number of years we have known that there has been no global warming. Many of us did not want to hurt the feelings of those who believed in global warming, after all, what does it hurt to let them believe in something that is not happening. We even let them believe that it was caused by humans and their use of carbon based energy. Of course, we cringed at the idea that more expensive forms of energy should be developed to offset the weaning from oil and coal. We gritted our teeth at the ever increasing amount of taxpayer money that was being spent on alternative energy. We were amazed to learn that the complete education system had geared up to teach that global warming was a scientific fact. Yet, we knew it was not true. We now find that the "tree rings," and "hockey stick" used to prove global warming were statistical studies, used by Phil Jones and others, that could not be peer reviewed because the data would not be released. Further, the scientists involved communicated and conspired with one another to discredit any study that purported to show global warming was not happening. As a society, we now must decide what to do with this information. Most people under thirty years of age believe that humans are destroying the earth. Some wild exaggerations have been made and many people do indeed believe them. How is the truth to be conveyed to those believers? If they are allowed to continue in their erroneous belief, does it hurt anything? True scientists will know the truth, isn't that enough?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I was amazed at the success that Glenn Beck had when he criticized Van Jones, an Obama Czar, as a Communist. He stated that a Communist does not belong in the White House, and surprise, Van Jones was taken out of his job. I was equally amazed when Beck criticized Anita Dunn as a Maoist and said she did not belong in the White House, and surprise, Anita Dunn has left her job. What is going on here? Who is running the White House, Obama or Beck? Are there more to follow?

Friday, November 13, 2009

Go To Jail?

Many young people do not obtain medical insurance because they are healthy and do not need it. They are free to make their own choice. Of course, some are just whistling in the dark hoping that nothing harmful happens to them. The young have many things on which to spend their money and truly believe it is their right to spend it as they darn well please. Nancy Pilosi was recently asked if she supported the item in the Health Care bill that calls for a jail sentence if a person does not buy insurance. She responded that it was the fair thing to do. I think that there are many Americans that do not believe in that kind of fairness.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Execution

Last night John Muhammed was executed for murdering ten people. He was an ex-Marine that decided he wanted kill innocent Americans. He did this in the state of Virginia and put fear into a great many people. He killed at random and nobody knew where he would next strike. Some were killed at gas stations while they filled up. People would hide behind their cars while filling the tank. That fear was not isolated in Virginia, it encompassed a much larger area. I recall making sure to look around while getting gas. Additionally, I tried to make myself smaller and stayed behind whatever was around to keep from becoming a target. It was not until he and his associate, Malvo, were caught that I felt secure enough to fill my car in a normal manner. Good riddance.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Health Care

Yesterday, the House passed a "Health Care" bill. Many people are overjoyed at this milestone and falsely believe their health will be improved. Every individuals health is their own responsibility. I am responsible to get enough sleep so that I may perform at work the next day. I am responsible to control what I drink so that I will be unimpaired while driving. I am responsible for what I eat so that I will not make myself sick today, tomorrow, or in later years. I am responsible for my dental health by brushing and flossing regularly. I am responsible for my pulmonary system by refraining from smoking and learning how to breathe properly. I am responsible for my cardio/vascular system by getting a cardio improvement through exercising. I am responsible for my immune system by getting the needed exercise to move lymph fluid. I am responsible for my strength and bone health by getting proper weight workouts. I am responsible for my joint health and range-of-motion by proper use of my limbs. I purchase medical insurance in order to avail myself of the services of a medical practitioner should I need one. I have needed some medical attention in the past for: hernia, carotid artery, hemorrhoids, hand surgery and chiropractic manipulation. I was glad that I had insurance to cover it and that I had willingly paid for it. (At two places of employment there was a choice of benefits, it was done on a point system, it was entitled a "Wellness Program." You could chose medical insurance, dental insurance or some other benefit, like more sick days, or vacation days. Younger, single people usually chose more vacation . At one place, there was some talk about turning the points into a cash distribution but it did not happen while I was there.) Medical insurance is important and I believe everyone should have it because it is impossible to tell in advance when you will need it. I also believe a person should be prudent enough to pay for it. The government should not be forcing some to pay for the medical care of others. But what about those that cannot afford to pay? you ask. Let us be very honest. We live is a society that has the fattest poor people in the world, the most poor people with cars, air conditioning, color television, cell phones, electronic games, cameras, intoxicants, etc. Some of that money could surely have gone to purchase medical insurance. Unhappily, we live in a society that demands others pay for what they want. In short, they have a right that it be taken from some and given to them. It was not too long ago that a person would be embarrased to get handouts like this.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Why oh why did I not donate to Mr. Obama's campaign. He understands pay-to-play as well as any Chicago politician. Those who did donate to him have been favored with jobs, White House visits, reduced oversight and favorable treatment in new laws. He is a true friend when you are on his side. I missed my chance.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Trunk Party

Today, as I passed a church on Blanding Boulevard, their markee read "Trunk Party, Saturday night 7:00 PM". A person I was with commented: "That is such a good idea I wish our church had done that." It referred to the Church sponsoring a Halloween Party in their parking lot. All cars back into their spaces in the Church lot and open their trunks. Then costumed kids go from car to car to get treats. This allows a much closer supervision of the children's activities. Masks can be worn without the concern of being hit by a car. Presumably, the parents know the people that have come into the Church lot. Once again, there were no children going door to door in my neighborhood. Anticipating there would be none, I did not get candy for the tykes.