Monday, May 31, 2010

Property Rights

Where does our understanding of property rights come from? Very early on a child will say: "Mine" and take the toy away from another child. How did the child get that idea about "mine"? Did the parent teach that concept? Parents usually teach the child to share, yet, still leaving the child with the understanding that the toy is still theirs after play is over. Those who have read our Country's Declaration of Independence recognize that property rights are mentioned with the phrase "pursuit of happiness." So, one might say property rights come from the founding fathers. But, on closer reading, it says that the rights come from our Creator. Where could they have ever come up with that? They got it from Moses, who, in turn, got it from God via the "Ten Commandments." God supports property rights. That is why he made it a sin to steal. He created people with the desire to own property and he fully understands our deep seated desire to retain what is ours. It is in our DNA. God also gave us a heart and this is what we use when we decide to give away some of our property to others. There are many references in the Bible where a person is admonished: "harden not your heart." Love also (from the heart) will motivate a person to share what they have with a spouse and children. While on the campaign stump, Hillary Clinton stated she wanted to take large profits from those that made them and use it for the public good. Barack Obama has stated that he wants to take wealth away from those that have it and distribute it to those that do not have much. Both of these are communist ideas: "From each according to their ability, to each according to their need." Communists do not like the idea of God and do what they can to eradicate religion. A person is his own property, and the abolitionist fought for a long time against slavery which was the idea that one person could own another person. Your life is your own. Being a free people we are able to make choices in our lives. Some people make good choices and others make poor choices. Some people work hard to acquire property, some people work with moderation, some not at all. This being the case, is it any wonder that some people attain more property than others? There is an Arab couple that owns a gas station on a corner of FL17 near here. They open up at 7:00 AM and close at 11:00 PM. The two of them run the whole operation. They are there seven days a week. I presume he is profitable but do not know just how much so. That is a lot of hours and I believe they will acquire more goods than others that do not sacrifice their lives as they do. Who has the guts to go up to them and say: "You have a lot and I want you to give some to my son because he has very little?" Not many people will do that but they will send the government to do it.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Too Much

The tennis French Open has started and Venus Williams has just made a mockery of tennis decorum. She is wearing an outfit of her own design the makes her appear to have no pants underneath her skirt. Why would she do that? Is it because her sister has made a lot of money designing clothes and this is a way to get publicity for her own line of clothes? Tennis purists insist of seeing good tennis and care little for the outfits that are worn. It is the athleticism, fitness and skill that are of concern to them. Billie Jean King, Crissy Evert where are you when we need you.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Crotch Grabbing

In my previous blog, Rich Pigs, I ended with what I thought was a joke, that my next blog would be Crotch Grabbing. I had no intention of writing on that topic. However, not wanting to fully disappoint some readers who appeared to look forward to it I have decided to say "something" about it. Now, after thinking it over, I realize that some of the words that would be used like: testicles, scrotum, penis, pubic hair, etc. could make for a TMI situation. Therefore, I have decided to attack other pet peeves. Just before the batter receives a pitch, a third world player will grab his bling-bling and kiss it. These gold necklaces must be passed out to them as soon as they find they are going to the big leagues. They all have one, some have two. I do understand baseball players, as a group, have always been superstitious, but must the fans go though this ritual so often? Knocking the dirt off the spikes with the bat is understandable, but the ever present kissing ritual is too much. In addition, these third world players, once they get a base hit and stand on the bag, will make some sort of attenuated sign of the cross on their face, kiss their thumb, thump their chest and then point an index finger to the heavens. This ritual is just as complicated as the third base coach giving the signal for the hit-and-run. As close as I can figure, the sign of the cross indicates that he is Catholic, the thump on the chest indicates his superiority and personal achievement over the pitcher, and the finger toward the heavens indicates that he owes it all to God and is willing to share some of the credit for his superior skill. (There are probably other explanations.) Another peeve, the continual tightening of the gloves while batting. I know about Velcro, once engaged it does not move. Stepping back after every swing and readjusting the gloves is time consuming, stay in there and wait for the next pitch. There are still some players that bat bare-handed and it is a relief that they just remain in the batters box and await the next pitch. Next blog: Super Crotch Grabbing

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Rich Pigs

A camera shot of the Braves dugout revealed massive litter on the floor. Some places were wet with spilled drink, drink spit out like mouth wash or just plain spitting. Sometimes the camera focuses on a player filling a cheek with tobacco, or snuff into a lip. Later the same person will be shown spitting onto the floor. This is the area where they walk and it also has numerous empty cups, some squeezed some open. Some players pride themselves on the ability to put a handful of pumpkin seeds into their mouths, break the shell, eat the seed meat and spit out the shells onto the floor. When I was a kid, some of my team mates would spit into their gloves, I always found it disgusting. Yet, even after the ball got into their glove, I never examined the ball for any extra moisture, the game had to go on. Also, we used only two balls for the whole game. Today, I saw a catcher raise his mask to spit. Where did he spit? He spit onto the dirt immediately in front of him, and he did it often. At times the ball skips into that same area, yet nobody says anything. When a batter gets a hit and is standing on base he will spit, usually toward the pitcher. Is this a sign of disrespect, or personal superiority? All spitters will spit into an area that is devoid of another player. I have never seen one player hit another with spit, must be an unwritten rule. The other day I witnessed a player that spit without control and it landed on himself. I laughed at that but noticed that he made no effort to wipe it of his shirt, as if to say: "Yep, that is exactly where I wanted it to go." There are players that have made it an art form, two spits one behind the other. Three spits, one behind the other, in rapid succession, caused me admire the mouth athleticism of the player. Of course, he took no bow and just went on with his warm-up in the batters-box. Nest blog: Crotch Grabbing

Friday, May 14, 2010

Fast Approaching

There are those that believe that Israel will not attack the Iranian nuclear facilities without the help or consent of the U.S. Obama has made it very clear whose side he is on and Israel is taking that into consideration. Israel is aligning countries now for resupply after they take out those facilities. The Jewish American left will do nothing to help, they are pleased with Obama and his movement toward global government. Once they attack, all hell will break loose in the Middle East. That certainty will cause Israel to seriously consider using an atom bomb. Using it will cause all other belligerents to consider what it will mean if they attack Israel and may ameliorate any reaction they may try. Israel has destroyed a nuclear facility before and it survived, albeit with the help of the U.S. It knows how to do it. It is not afraid. It will act again. That time is fast approaching.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"Don't Doubt Me"

This is a favorite saying of the supremely confident talk-show host, Rush Limbaugh. When strange events are unfolding that are confusing to understand, Rush will make a prediction about what will happen in the future. When he does, it sounds very unlikely that it could happen. He then adds, "Don't doubt me." Often his staff is incredulous about the prediction and lets him know. For instance: just before the presidential election, there were many people that said if Obama was elected it would be the end of racial strife. It would usher in a new, higher level in race relations. After all, it would take many whites to elect him since blacks are only 12% of the population, therefore, blacks, recognizing this, would know that whites are not antagonistic toward them. Rush's prediction at the time was that it would make race relations worse rather than improve. His staff laughed at how wrong he was. Of course he added: "Don't doubt me." Today, every criticism of Obama yields the epithet of "Racist." Don't like one of his programs, you are racist. Point out his gaffs, you are racist. Catch him in a lie, you are racist. Make fun of him, you are a double racist. How could he know this would happen?

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Kentucky Derby

My interest in the Derby has always been casual and I remember having some conversations with my father-in-law, Gene, who was an avid fan of this race. He always bet on it, I don't know if he ever won. He knew the winners of many races and the circumstances under which they won. He was usually animated when he spoke about the Derby, and that was a big deal for him since he was always so quiet and gentle. The channel was on early for the race and I watched as the camera panned through the crowd. The ladies all wore brightly colored hats of various shapes and decorations. They were all very, very well dressed. They panned through the clubhouse and most had drinks in hand. Males were dressed in suits with colorful ties. Everybody looked healthy, wealthy, tanned and beautiful. There is a parade when the horses are moved from the stables to the paddock. This day the track was muddy from a previous rain. Looking at the track it appeared to be glassy from a thin layer of water over the mud. As the horses start toward the paddock they are joined by the owner, the trainer, wives, children and relatives. Each horse is surrounded by an entourage. The route to the paddock crosses the track and everybody was walking in the mud, nobody seemed to mind. All were happy and smiling. Curiously, there is no music at this time. Here is my knowledge about this particular race. I do not know the horses, do not know the owners, do not know the trainers, do not know the jockeys. What I do know: it is always colorful, the mint julep is the drink of choice, there is betting and there are many losers but few winners, My Old Kentucky Home is always played before the race. At the paddock the riders are instructed to mount their horses. This command is similar to that of auto-racing when they say: "drivers start your engines." This is the time the owner has one last talk with the rider, he bends over to whisper into he jockey's ear: "Come in last" or, "If you win I will double whatever they promised you to lose" or, If you ever touch my wife again I will make you a gelding" or "win one for the Gipper". One by one the riders mount their horse, being helped by one person who lifts one shoe of the mounting rider. They ride onto the track in single file. When all the horses are on the track and walking over to the starting gate the singing of "My Old Kentucky Home" is sung. During the singing of My Old Kentucky Home the camera panned over the grandstand and most people were singing as loud as they could with a big smile on their faces. Some ladies were so animated their hats went askew. This is an emotional time for many, the camera focused on one of the jockeys and tears were streaming down his face. In this race there was no trouble at the starting gate, all horses got into their stall and shortly after that the race was underway. The gates opened and horses of all colors bolted out of the gate with their jockeys in their colorful duds. Just after that everything turned a muddy brown as a watery haze lifted above, and moved along with, the pack. All the jockeys wear goggles, but strange, none of the horses do. They get that yuck right in their faces, unless they are in front. The winner of the race, Super Saver, had odds at 7-1. Prior to the race, the camera showed one better who was betting $100,000 on Super Saver. He had a briefcase full of cash just as we have seen on so many TV shows or in the movies. Very suspicious, it appeared to me to be money laundering. It's a great laundry, however, that will give you back $800,000. The owner had never won the Kentucky Derby (neither had the horse) but for the jockey this was his third time in a span on four years. And surprise, surprise, he was the jockey that was tearing up during the singing on My Old Kentucky Home.